Brain & Body Integration

Steps to Success

A Comprehensive and Individualized Program

I use a variety of interventions when doing integration balances.  Click on an intervention below to learn more about it.

LifeWave Acupatches

Acupatching is blending two of my favorite modalities:   light therapy, frequency medicine, and acupressure.  This is a very unique, yet proven, technique to support the body, reduce pain, stimulate stem cell production, detoxify, and so much more.  I have seen it practically do miracles, instantly relieving pain and restoring appropriate blood pressure in a matter of weeks.  They are especially effective for anxiety and other symptoms of a dysregulated nervous system.  My favorite are the brain protocols to help stimulate brain balancing and repair.   Go to my page to learn more or contact me.

Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T.)

Developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD

Autonomic Response Testing (ART) is a biofeedback enhanced physical exam, which uses changes in muscle tone as primary indicator (Kinesiology).

Combines Applied Kinesiology, Electro-acupuncture (EAV),

and heart rate variability to assess the health or dysfunction of the Autonomic Nervous System.

• Assesses blocked regulation at beginning of the exam

Blocked regulation is the inability for the Autonomic Nervous System to self regulate and to heal. We don’t heal when in ‘Fight or Flight’ mode

Often it is one or more of the 7 factors that creates blocked regulation:

• 7 common factors are tested in each person: undiagnosed food allergies, heavy metal toxicity, chemical toxicity, chronic unresolved infections, scars, unresolved psychological stress, and electromagnetic stress.

• Through A.R.T., I uncover and prioritize the clients’ areas of dysfunction and find the natural and herbal protocols to address their Blocking Factors. This testing is done in office or virtual and the results are immediately available and a healing protocol can be implemented right away.

Life Enhancement Acupressure Protocols (LEAP)

•Developed by Charles Krebs, PhD

•A form of Energetic Kinesiology used to assess and balance brain integration

•The lack of brain integration (timing and synchronization of neural events) is the underlying factor that results in Specific Learning Disabilities and other mental & emotional issues. 

•The loss of brain integration such as integrated neural flows across the corpus callosum is due to the factor(s) that act as a stressor.

•The stressors are identified through muscle biofeedback (kinesiology) and through a step-by-atep aproach, the imbalances are corrected using acupressure based protocols.

•Based on the hierarchy of brain function involved with the learning process, LEAP has been recommended by psychologists, teachers, and other health care professionals because it consistently produces improvements measurable by standard psychological tests. 

Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training (BRMT)

Developed by the late Harald Blomberg, MD, Swedish psychiatrist

• BRMT (Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training) is a movement-based program using gentle isometric integration techniques, along with passive and active movements, which replicate the spontaneous rhythmic movements babies make during the first year of life.

These movements help create new neural pathways necessary for brain development

Rhythmic movements also integrate the primitive into the postural reflexes so the young child can meet developmental milestones in physical, emotional and intellectual levels.

• BRMT is used, along with other sensory motor techniques, nutrition, environmental factors, and kinesiology when working with children and their families to ensure a holistic approach to their brain health.

To sign up for a course please visit: and select Lisa Ann de Garcia as your instructor

Brain Gym®

Developed by Paul Dennison, PhD
• Brain Gym® is a movement-based program designed to
support learning and reduce stress.
It is comprised of 26 activities that mirror the movement children naturally do during the first years of life as they learn to coordinate their eyes, ears, hands, and whole body.

The goal is to promote efficient communication between the hemispheres and different parts of the brain with the rest of the body.

These exercises activate whole brain functioning, especially the area of the frontal lobes.

Stress causes our bodies to get out of balance and have limited access to one hemisphere. In severe stress, we can be shut off from the cortex and be reacting from the brainstem, our survival center. It can also cause increased levels of cortisol to be released in the body, creating a cascade effect of physiological problems. Through Brain Gym®, we can help reduce the effects that stress has on the body and increase access to the whole brain.

BrainGym® is an ideal program to be used in the classroom, office, or other group settings, as well as in the home.

To sign up for a course please contact me at:

Interactive Metronome®

Interactive Metronome® (IM) is an evidence-based training and assessment tool

• IM is proven to improve cognition, attention, focus, memory, speech/language, executive function, comprehension, as well as motor and sensory skills

It is used in the treatment of ADHD, autism, sensory processing disorder, learning disabilities, developmental delays, speech-language issues, and more

IM is a computer-bases system where the client listens to the beat through headphones and has to clap or tap to the beat. The computer gives instantaneous feedback on the precision of the timing, allowing the client to adjust the speed of the clap/tap.

IM can be combined with cognitive tasks, thus allowing different parts of the brain to connect

IM can be done in a clinical setting or at the home using a home-based system that the clinician monitors remotely.

For more information on purchasing a home unit for your child, contact me at:

The Listening Program®

Created by Advanced Brain Technologies
• The Listening Program® is a neuroscience-based music

listening therapy for achieving optimum brain health and

All TLP music has been recorded using the highest audio

quality recording technology (high-definition sound) and advanced neuro-acoustic techniques, TLP music has been acoustically modified to train your brain.

It strengthens neurological pathways so you can improve your ability to learn, communicate, and process information.

TLP can benefit most anyone, and applications are wide ranging, from rehabilitation to wellness and peak performance

TLP can be used in schools, hospitals, therapy clinics, assisted living facilities, companies, athletic and music programs, in homes, and more.

TLP can be accessed by purchasing a unit (headphones and ipod) or through an online subscription

Watch an introductory video about the listening program here: 

For more information on purchasing TLP unit or making an online subscription, contact me at:

NeuroGen® Microcurrent Neurofeedback

We are now using the NeuroGen HPN System as one of our intervention strategies and are the only ones to offer this in Utah.  A perfect solution for those experiencing cognitive difficulties, such as ADD/ADHD, learning disorders, OCD, even PTSD and TBI.

Depression, anxiety, chronic pain, ADHD, PTSD, insomnia.  What do these all have in common?  They all start in the BRAIN. 

NeuroGen HPN  focuses on the root of the problems – NOT the symptoms.

The NeuroGen HPN System uses Microcurrents to optimize the brain to function in a more balanced and healthful way.  HPN has proven to be helpful to sufferers of many neurological condition including depression, anxiety, chronic pain, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, insomnia, and much more.   

Unlike traditional neurofeedback, where the participant has to participate, NeuroGen HPN  is completely passive and the computer does all of the work.  This is a great alternative to neurodevelopmental exercises and home programs when compliance is low.  

For obvious reasons, NeuroGen can only be done in person.  

The brain is a bioelectrical system. Every thought, sensation and emotion are brought about by the electrical firing of neurons in the brain.  The cumulative effect of millions of neurons firing produces brain waves.

After decades of studies, healthy brain wave patterns have been documented.

Healthy brain wave patterns are balanced and predictable. A healthy, balanced and properly regulated brain will produce the appropriate brain waves at the appropriate times  These healthy patterns are referred to as Neural Regulation.

Neural Dysregulation occurs when the brain and nervous system are injured or stressed.  Brain wave patterns become unhealthy and imbalanced. This Neural Dysregulation results in a wide range of conditions including depression, chronic pain, ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, memory, lack of focus, and many more.  

The effectiveness of HPN is thought to be its ability to interrupt the unhealthy brain wave patterns and stimulate new healthy ones.  Like rebooting a computer, HPN stimulates the brain to reset itself and develop new healthy brain wave patterns. The result is the elimination of unhealthy brain wave patterns and the symptoms associated with them.

The most commonly reported responses include; mental clarity, clearer vision, more restful sleep, increase in motivation, improved focus and clarity, decreased anxiety and depression, increased ability to read, absence of irritability, absence of impatience, and the absence of anger.

The University of California, San Diego School of Medicine conducted a study on veterans with PTSD. The results documented, via neuroimaging, showed significantly improved neural functions in the participants with mild traumatic brain injuries. The results were published in the September 29, 2017 issue of Science Daily. As a result, the Veterans Administration in San Diego is conducting a study that began October 2017. This $4 Million, double-blind study at UCSD will measure the progress of veterans who will receive treatments to care for PTSD symptoms.

References and more information can be found at:

Science Direct
Hopkins Medicine

Please contact me for additional questions about NeuroGen
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN)

FDN for Kids is the first component of a multi-pronged program which starts by looking at what is happening inside the child’s body to find factors that may be contributing to any learning or behavior struggle the child is experiencing. This is our foundational piece and should be done before or in conjunction with other educational therapies or interventions.

Using proven protocols for restoring health of the body and mind.

We do this by using functional lab work which will provide an assessment of how various systems in the body are functioning and reveal any biochemical and metabolic imbalances.  We will then create custom tailored plans that follow our D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success model and may include education on lifestyle changes as well as natural supplements and remedies.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) is a holistic approach that uses functional laboratory tests to identify malfunctions and underlying conditions and stressors which are at the root of most common health complaints.  Through the FDN appproach, we are able to reduce stressors (both external and internal) as well as uncover healing opportunities that in turn help improve the overall health of the individual.  FDN treats nothing specificallly and everything non-specifically.

The medical model diagnoses and treats specific diseases or simply manages symptoms and puts band-aids on a fire hose.  It relies on drugs and surgery.  When a patient goes to the doctor, the symptoms are discussed and the solution is to mask it with medicine or a procedure.  As opposed to a forced-in disease care model, FDN is an opt-in self-care model.  It works on the underlying causes rather than chasing the symptoms. FDN works on everything in a non-specific manner.  It helps supports systems in the body to give the body a chance to heal itself.  FDN uses innate intelligence of the body, the “vital reserve”, behavior modifications, and natural therapies included in the D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® program. 


If you are interested in a done-for-you Movement program that can be done from the comfort of your family room, led by someone other than yourself, click below for more info (this is an outside resource). 

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What Causes Dysfunctions in the Brain?

There are many stressors that can contribute to dysfunctions in the brain, including:
     •Lack of appropriate nutrients and chemical reactions to certain foods
     •Exposure to toxins during life, in the womb, or passed down from mom and dad through affected genes
     •Illnesses and Infections that pass to the brain, including herpes and strep
     •Heavy metals, especially mercury and aluminum
     •Traumas, both emotional and physical, especially those that involve injury to the head
     •Lack of movement…the brain develops though movement and when an infant can’t or is not allowed to 
             move, there is not enough sensory stimulation to develop the brainstem and other critical areas.  
     •Dysbiosis of the microbiome in the gut…the brain’s microbiome mirrors that of the gut.

How Can Optimal Brain Function Be Restored?

Restoring the health and connectivity of our brains depend on:

•Eating the right foods and providing appropriate nourishment.  Nutrients that are particularly essential for a healthy brain are zinc, DHA, vitamin E, and water.

• Distancing ourselves from as many toxins as possible, including:
     -Excessive amounts of Electromagnetic Frequencies, especially when sleeping
     -Chemicals in beauty and hygiene products, such as soap and anti-bacterial cleaners
     -Unfiltered tap water
     -Artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors in foods
     -Pesticides and herbicides

•Getting a good amount of exercise, time outdoors and in the sun.

•Reconnecting the neuro-pathways of the brain that have not yet connected or that have been blocked or disconnected due to stressors.  This can be done through:
     -Integrating primitive reflexes
     -Rhythmical movements and other exercises that target neural connections from the front and back, top
      and bottom and left and right hemispheres of the brain. 
     -Techniques that blend kinesiology (muscle testing) with understandings of brain physiology, neuro-
      pathways, meridians, and acupressure points (such as LEAP – Learning Enhancement Achievement
​      Protocol).  

NeuroGen Microcurrent Neurofeedback can also be used to help correct the brainwave patterns, which has shown to be especially helpful for those who have suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Concussion, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Studies have shown it to heal damaged areas of the brain. 

**The degree of restoration may be limited by the amount of organic damage present in the brain

What are the Benefits of Restored Brain Function?

Individuals often report improvements in the following areas of their life:
·       clearly interpreting and being able to respond to what you see or hear without reacting
·       learning, memory and recall\
–       improved ability to focus and concentrate
·       physical and emotional balance
·       calmer more grounded children who naturally grow their resilience and confidence
·       reading & writing
·       clarity for decision-making
·       relationships and
·       mental health 

Who Can Benefit From Brain Integration Balancing?

Although I focus on school-age children who struggle with learning and behavior, absolutely anyone 0-99 can benefit from these techniques.  Parents often neglect themselves as they care for their children and would also highly benefit from some brain integration work prior to working on the children.

Which Symptoms Can it Help?

Strategies to help heal and connect the brain can help these symptoms and more (like who knew that through energetic kinesiology I was going to permanently stop someone’s twice a week nosebleed): 

Academic Performance
Brain Fog
Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Pain 
Executive Function
Lack of Focus
Panic Attacks 
Self Esteem
Traumatic Brain Injury

How Many Sessions Do I Need and How Long is Each Session?

In an initial kinesiology session, a detailed assessment will serve as a benchmark from which future changes can be evaluated.  It will determine the specific brain areas that need the most attention.  

Session lengths can vary depending on the individual, but the average session lasts 2 hours.  Sessions can be as close together or far apart, depending on how fast the client wants to finish the work.  Most people find it convenient to have sessions 1-2 times per week until the brain integration work is completed. 

Certain learning disorders require approximately 6-12 sessions to diffuse stress within neural networks and subsequent behavioral patterns.

For those opting for NeuroGen only, with no other modalities, you can expect 45-60 minute appointments.  The number of  NeuroGen treatments will vary from person to person. Some clients may notice improvement after one treatment. An individual with a history of lifelong problems will typically require more treatments.

Do I need to Come in Person?

No! Although it is always ideal to come in person, Brain Integration Balancing can be done virtually through use of a surrogate when travel is not a viable option, especially during these times of Covid.   Part of the work is about coaching up healing opportunities through diet and environmental factors, which is easily done at a distance.  I will also provide families with an individualized movement program to be done at home between sessions.  Note that NeuroGen Neurofeedback can only be done in person.  

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