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Optimizing Learning, Behavior, and Health with Kinesiology, Neurofeedback, & Nutrition

I help parents reverse their child’s learning and behavior challenges through the integration of holistic and alternative modalities.

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Imagine Your Child…

•Loving school
•Thinking clearly and remembering with ease
•Happily sitting down to do homework
•Asking to go to a friend’s house
•Making a goal at a soccer game
•Creating beautiful stories
•Patiently waiting his turn & Cooperating
•Transitioning Easily from one event to another
•Eating the food you put before him
•Recalling his math facts
•Reading with ease
•Sleeping through the night
•Sleeping in his own bed and in the dark
•Writing legibly


        ——Saying “I Love You”

There is Hope!

We need to reduce the internal and external stressors that interfere with learning and behavior.

There is an imbalance between proper nourishment the brain is receiving versus the amount of internal and external stressors that are affecting the body.  This imbalance can cause chronic neuro-inflammation and prevent parts of the brain from ever linking up in children, for parts to be damaged, and for the brain waves to get out of sync.

What the Brain Needs to Grow

The brain needs proper nourishment, environment, and sensory input in order to flourish.  As Dr. Tom O’ Brian says, “the brain is the canary in the coal mine.”  Neurological disorders indicate that there are deficits in one of these areas, which need to be corrected.   Therefore, problems thinking, remembering, moving, paying attention, self-control, and learning are signs that something deeper in the biochemistry is going on. 

Toxins, foods, heavy metals, pathogens, infections, EMF, emotional stress, and past traumas are all things that interfere with appropriate functioning of the body and ultimately effecting brain function. 

Therefore, it is important to address brain development from the physical, energetic, and emotional levels.  This requires a variety of different modalities, including nutrition-based approaches, energetic kinesiology, and brain integration strategies.  

Intervention Strategies Implemented by Whole Child Learning and Wellness follow the child’s natural developmental phases



Addressing the physical, energetic, & emotional sides to learning is key for your child to thrive in school, and its attainable only through Whole Child’s brain-body integration method. 

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Artwork from my son Joshua, a young adult with autism.